Deep Initial Cleaning

For those “OH no” moments. Our lives can get pretty busy with everyday activities, that sometimes unexpected visits from company can cause us to go into panic mode.  The initial cleaning includes all regular areas of your home plus areas that are usually overlooked such as blinds, fans, bathroom doors and light fixtures. We make sure that it will pass any visit.

Our deep initial cleaning service is offered to all first time clients. We begin with an initial cleaning to ensure that all areas are deep cleaned before beginning a recurring service. Our initial deep cleaning is a detailed cleaning that includes all of the regular areas of a regular clean, plus other areas that would be alternated when beginning a recurring service. All estimates are based off the square footage of your home.  By requesting a quote we will provide you with the estimate for the initial deep cleaning plus the estimate of a recurring service whether it be weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

Recurring Cleanings

Let us take care of your home’s cleaning by scheduling a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. We alternate all the extras in the initial with the weekly and every two week cleanings. We make sure you arrive to a happy, clean home.

Move In & Move Out Cleanings

Getting your home ready to be moved into can be a real headache, especially with having to pack up all your belongings.  Let us take care of the hard work for you and make your moving process easier.

Post-Construction Cleanings 

Have a big project going on in your home and need some help cleaning up the mess? Give us a call and we can help kick that construction dust out in order for you to enjoy your finished project.

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